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Saturday, November 19, 2005
Surprise Surprise
I'm good at keeping secrets but I'm not as good at keeping surprises. Does that make sense? A secret I understand is personal and I don't go blabbing ever, but surprises I get caught up in the excitement and accidentally spill the beans.

When I was 9-years-old and out to dinner with my mom, two weeks before Christmas I turn to her and say "Angela got her mother a Meatloaf tape, but she got the idea from me because I bought my mom a Bette Middler tape." My mom laughingly looks at me and goes, "Oh really?" Dammit! lol, We always blow secrets for each other, but it's expected between us.

This summer I thought a friend knew about her birthday dinner, turns out she didn't, but that really isn't my fault, I wasn't warned by the party planner. BUT last January when my friend K turned 30 was informed of her surprise party in August, I kept my mouth shut for five months, even as her friends and family booked flights to fly in from all around the country and as she complained to me about not having anything to do for her big day. I was even the person who brought her out to the restaurant for what she believed was a dinner for just the two of us. Yes, I'm patting my own back.

So why am I writing about surprises? My lips are sealed or should I say my key strokes ;)

Update: SHOOT now I almost blabbed who my secret santa is this year.

News: My blogging friend Pia over at Courting Destiny is mentioned in the Long Island Press' Hot Target column. Congrats!

Posted by Tara at 2:40 PM PST
Updated: Monday, November 21, 2005 2:22 PM PST

Sunday, November 20, 2005 - 5:09 AM PST

Name: Veronica

Well Damn. I am so darn nosey! Can't wait to read what this is all about.....

Sunday, November 20, 2005 - 10:39 AM PST

Name: BeMyCliche

I, too, am nosy and anxious to see what the hell this whole secret thing is about. An e-mail I got might give me a clue, but I'm hoping for something infinitely more dramatic, like Tara's joining the Army or somebody's incubating a baby. Only time will tell, I suppose.

In the meantime, this is me, Tara. My time is limited, so I must, once again, be brief. If there's time after final formation, I might be able to write more. In the meantime, know that I'm not going to Iraq, Afghanistan (sp?), or Korea, at least not anytime soon. I'm going to some place much more divinely comedic: Kansas! (She faints, and then quickly reperches her keyboard.) I'll be there - doing what, I don't know - until at least the beginning of 2007. (I'm entrusting this as a surprise with you, not as a secret, so treat accordingly. :^)

Until later, keep blogging. I'll do what I can to fuel the fire.

Lost in Arizona,

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