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When Tara Met Blog
Thursday, November 10, 2005
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang & my dance with Robert Downey, Jr.
Last night I went to a private screening of the dark comedy Kiss Kiss Bang Bang followed by a Q&A with Robert Downey, Jr who stars in the film. The little theater was in the basement of the Tribeca Grand Hotel, which had about 30 corduroy cushioned seats. My friends who had seen the film all said it was really great (Sasquatch has seen it twice) so I was doubly excited to watch it.

We were seated in the second row, in a reserved seat, thanks to my mother and her connections with Bombay Blue Sapphire Gin, which sponsored the event with The New Yorker magazine. Unfortunately there was a woman with a huge fro like Sideshow Bob seated in front of me, causing me to crane my neck to see the screen. The impartial view didn't prevent me from enjoying the film though, which was directed and written by Shane Black the screenwriter of Lethal Weapon, The Last Boyscout and The Long Kiss Goodnight. Although this is his directorial debut.

The plot in a nutshell features Harry Lockhart (Downey) whose a petty theft in NYC who gets discovered by a Hollywood producer and flys out to LA to play a private detective. In order to prepare for the role he follows a real private dick, Gay Perry (Val Kilmer)and gets involved in a real murder mystery. Gay Perry by the way is gay in the film, thus the name. Both stars have great chemistry and are fun to watch interact. I found myself cringing, laughing out loud and generally enjoying this quirky film, I definitely recommend it.

It's very Pulp Fiction, and I mean that in two ways--It's an outlandish and interlaced crime story like the Pulp Fiction movie and also like the cheap dime books, which the story highlights. The film also pokes fun of the fact that it is a film and includes narration that addresses and engages the audience. The story is also very LA noir, but without being too tongue in cheek or over non-industry heads.

After wards Robert Downey, Jr. came out and did a Q&A with a reporter from The New Yorker and then answered questions from the audience. I didn't know what to ask, my concentration in pop-culture and the several intense film study classes that I took during my undergraduate degree were loss to me at that moment. I just listened and the reporter in me, regretted that I didn't have my notebook. Generally he talked about the future of film and the genre, but he did mention how it was fun to work with his son who appeared in the film as his younger self and how he related to his character's optimism. He was really energetic and personable and no, he wasn't high or anything. Although he did reek of cigarette smoke and resembled Bernie in Weekend at Bernie's with his long hair and beard.

I headed to the cocktail reception feeling like a wimp for not coming up with a pretentious question like the others or for not letting him know how much I enjoyed the film, his acting and especially his older movie Chances Are, but to my delight he and his new wife and producer Susan Levin mingled for a bit and talked with our group.

While posing for a photo with him I mentioned that I loved him in Chances Are and he said it was just on TV the other day and his wife hadn't seen it so they watched his 23-year-old self (he's now 40). He then began dancing with me and serenading me to the song Chances Are. It was really sweet--not skeevy--and I was definitely giddy.

Here are some photos, a.k.a my proof. The photo of us dancing was way too bright since the flash went off at the same time as the professional photographer's.
Downey, his wife and TaraMetBlog

After my mother and I headed to The Dinner in the meat packing district for some fried chicken and mac and cheese. On my way back to my apartment, I was staring down at my feet making sure I didn't get my heels stuck in the cobble stoned streets, when I spotted a real $100 bill on the ground. I'm serious. I know it sounds crazy and something that would only happen to me, but it's true. I have a witness too. If I saw someone drop it, of course I'd give it back to someone but it was just lying there by itself waiting for me to happen by. So, yes, yesterday was a lucky night for me! :) Too bad it means it was a shitty night for whoever lost the c note.

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Updated: Friday, November 11, 2005 10:41 PM PST
Wednesday, November 9, 2005
Whole Foods Before The Storm
It's always an adventure going to Whole Foods supermarket, especially during lunch time or after work when the lines are gynormous despite the 26-manned registers. It reminds me of skiing and the lines you have to stand in while waiting for a ski lift. There's six long lines that filter into one, a couple express lanes for singles and an employee at the end directing people where to go just like at a ski mountain. In the end the bill is almost as expensive as a ski pass too, which is why I don't go often, but the food court that lets people eat the prepared foods they just bought is fun and really nice.

When leaving the store, guess who got suckered into buying a normally $3 umbrella for $7 since it was pouring out? Me, because I stupidly forgot to pack my umbrella today despite the weather reports. The guy didn't even extend his opened umbrella over my head while I scrambled for the bills. So, I ended up soaked anyway. The faux fur on my jean coat looked like a wet cat and my cords got dark and dirty on the bottoms as I walked home. At least I had bought some soup to warm me up.

News: Now I don't have to feel too guilty about eating Magnolia cupcakes or making homeade Mac and Cheese. Comfort Foods Switch Off Stress, Scientists Find

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Tuesday, November 8, 2005
Signs that Tara has had too much to drink

• I'll drink and dial or drink and TXT people

• Give out my business cards to strangers

• Blurt out that I have a tattoo, or worse yet, showing people my hidden tattoo.

• Will sometimes dance on bars and platforms at clubs, then again I've done that when I'm not drunk too, so strike that.

• Spill drinks while talking wildly with hands, showing off my Italian half.

• Every song that the DJ plays I declare is my favorite song ever.

• My lips get numb so I lick them and move them around a lot, lol.

• Near the end of the night will even do a shot of Jagermeister or tequilla, even though it messes me up further.

• Try to cover up the fact that I'm drunk by using big words, which aren't that impressive like "decor."

• Must eat something greasy!


What are some of your tell tales?

Oh and by the way I own that Don't Drink and Dial tee.

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Sunday, November 6, 2005
The New York City Marathon
Today is the NYC marathon and it's weird not having someone to go cheer on. Two of my friends who were supposed to run both suffered injuries only weeks before hand :( Me, I'm a wimp and wouldn't attempt to try doing it in the first place. In high school I did the required mile in 12 mins--if I was having a good day. I went to the gym instead today, and while on the elliptical machine bopping to Blondie I watched the runners cross the finish line.

When I was younger my mom was dating a man who was running in the Marathon, but what he was looking forward to most wasn't the metal but a photo of himself crossing the finish line for his office desk. So my mom was there at the end, cheering, jumping up and down, snapping photos and grabbing his discarded clothing. A few days later when he got the film back, the pictures revealed the top of his head crossing the finishing line. Ouch! lol

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Wednesday, November 2, 2005
When there's smoke...
I woke up to the sound of helicopters. I kept waiting for them to fly away but they stayed and hovered. I figured they must be doing a traffic report or something. But as I walked a few blocks to the subway, smoke was everywhere and down the road near Chelsea were tons of firetrucks and more smoke.

It burned my eyes, I could barely see as I made my way to 14th Street subway. I did manage to spot Julianne Moore again strolling her daughter, same outfit but she had on a baseball cap this time. I only saw her because she literally crossed my path with the stroller.

My hair now smells like I spent the evening at a cozy ski lodge (I wish!) since it smells like a fireplace. I had a few coworkers actually take a sniff, lol.

News stories:
NY Daily News Chelsea Fire Sends Smoke onto nearby Subway Tracks
CBS News Four-Alarm Fire Rips Through Chelsea Garage

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Updated: Wednesday, November 2, 2005 7:23 PM PST

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