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Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Take Pride
Here's a plug for my artist cousin Ryan who is working on a project with some other high-end NYC designers to create a series of meaningful t-shirts that support a good cause.

Each tee design was inspired by the experiences of an individual American who is serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. So they're also a symbol of support. Plus 20 percent of the profits are donated to charitable causes that assist veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. Political? Not its intent. They were designed to give people, especially younger and more fashion-conscious Americans a new way to show that they recognize and appreciate the efforts of Americans serving in combat. He personally designed the shirts "The 2nd of February" and "One Land, Two Missions."

Go check them out at

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006
The Lone Star State
The wedding last weekend in El Paso--the sun city--was a good time and most importantly provided me with the chance to sample some real Tex-Mex at KiKi's (Hispanic Magazine named it one of the nation's 50 Best Hispanic Restaurants) as well as riding on the back of a motorcycle while visiting the state of Texas for the first time. The heat (hitting 101 degrees on the last day) provided a great escape from the constant rain and unseasonably cold weather we've been having in New York and the desert mountains were majestic. I experienced some of the local night life too and had a great workout while dancing to Techno and House music at OP for a couple of hours after pre-dancing at the wedding reception earlier.

We also hit up chains like Chicos Tacos, which one reviewer wrote "If you go to El Paso without eating at Chico's Tacos at least once, I fear you will have missed the point of your visit entirely" and Whataburger. I can now see why Texas is considered one of the most overweight states in the nation, there are just way too many good food chains across the huge state.

We ended our trip by doing a quick jaunt across the border to Juarez, which was a lot nicer than my previous Mexican border experiences of Tijuana, where there was more poverty. I also drank too much there due to their 3 for 1 drink specials and was almost denied entrance back to San Diego (long, fun story for another post). Anywho, it was an interesting time to be in Mexico since the World Cup was going on and many cars sported shaving cream messages saying "#1 Mexico" on their back windows, plus lots of enthusiastic people were waving their countries' flag.

As for Texas being a red state and me being from a blue state, I actually didn't notice much difference, although it's not like I talked politics with anyone. In general I saw just as many Support the Troops car ribbon magnets here and there, but noticed the lack of rainbow bumper stickers and flags. Yet the number of Texas state flags flying were uncountable and literally everywhere, even tacked on restaurant walls. In contrast, I can't say I've ever seen a NY State flag outside of a court house or some state run facility. I guess we rely more upon our I Heart NY shirts and Yankees hats for state pride instead. Oh and I did spot a Budweiser truck in camouflage colors, which I have never seen here, but then again we don't have a military fort in Manhattan like Ft. Bliss.

Moving to the hot political topic of border control, I saw the fence that ran along the Rio Grande with the occasional Police car or truck patrolling by along the great stretches--no national guard or wall...yet at least.

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Thursday, June 8, 2006
Office Space
Here's a view of the quirky stuff that I have on my desk at work.

I'm a firm believer in having fun oddities on your work desk, gets the creative juices flowing. When ever one of my friends gets a new job or office I always give them something to put on their desk like a mini 8-Ball, Rubik's cube, bendable Gumby figure, strawberry stress ball and even a shoe fund ceramic pot, which I hear is collecting quite a bit of money by the way.

So what's on your desk? Besides paper work and a computer that is.

My latest DVD and film reviews: Cheaper by the Dozen 2, The Break-Up.

This weekend: I'll be in Texas for the first time ever. I'm heading to a wedding in El Paso and we may head over to Mexico too!

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Monday, June 5, 2006
Two Bachelorette Parties and a Gay Club
Nope the post title is not a setup for a corny joke but my recent weekend. My friend from high school, Anjali is getting married in July with a traditional Indian wedding. I love telling this part, guess how many people are going? Come on guess...700 people! That is just 75 people more than our very large graduating class.

Anyway, her cousins and friends came into the city this Saturday for her bachelorette party. We had champagne at her hotel and applied beads, removable kiss mark tattoos and presented her with gag gifts and then headed out to dinner. As we crammed into the small hotel elevator with an unsuspecting and may I add very lucky dude, we so sweetly asked him to take our picture, which came out pretty good. How he managed to get us all in it is beyond me. Well, a few girls were down in the lobby otherwise I doubt it would have been done. After some great pasta and more champagne drinking from erotic paper cups we then headed to Beauty Bar, which is a bar that looks like a very dark beauty parlor and of course along with drinking we hammed it up under the dryer seats that are in the bar. I especially love the photo since it reminds me of a Gail Goodwin photo that I like. Oh and we impulsively bought tees with the bar's logo on them. They are very cute.

Another friend, Divina (in red below), was in from CT to go to Anjali's bachelorette too and for a sorority sister's bachelorette party as well. So the two of us then headed to her friend's gathering at Prey and roped in my friends Ryan and Mike to join as well. After we blew that pop stand we went in search of some music, checked out Aspen, where we enjoyed the ski lodge like atmosphere but hated the Mojitos and sadly left them still half full or yes, half empty.

Finally we ended up at the very large club The Roxy, which my mother remembers as a roller rink--and it still is one but only on certain days apparently. The Roxy is also a gay night club which left three out of four of us out of the loop. However, the music was indeed much better as was the eye candy. Divina two shots later, made herself right at home talking away to the exotic dancers and even met a new friend in the bathroom. (Eddy you didn't read it here!) It was all good fun. She even was able to dazzle the DJ, who had a sign that clearly read NO REQUESTS, to play the new Mary J Blige song that we kept trying to hear. Around 3 a.m. Divina and I stumbled back to my apartment and I somehow made it up my ladder to bed.

Here's some of the evidence...the stuff I'll share that is:

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Updated: Wednesday, June 7, 2006 5:53 PM PDT
Friday, June 2, 2006
Friendly Encounters
are what I love about New York City. Sure there are plenty of un-friendly encounters like this one, but I do enjoy that on any given day you could meet anybody and I don't mean just celebrities, which can happen too but just anybody. It makes life interesting.

Much to my friends constant worry and warnings when it comes to me talking to strangers, I still do it. I'm not saying I'd go up to someone sketch and say top of the morning, I just mean speaking innocently to people around you if the situation is right. For example you both witness something bizarre it's fun to say to something snarky to the person next to you or hear their comment.

Today as I was running a bit late to work and strolling to the subway. I felt someone next to me on my right, so I moved to the left to let them pass, but I could still sense the person hovering. I look up and over and there's this guy looking at me. Not in a creepy way but it was still weird that he walking in stride with me. He smiled and said something but Cyndi Lauper was playing in my ear, so I popped out my earphones and eloquently said "What?" and the scene unfolds...

Stranger in a polo shirt: "Just wanted to say you're lovely, that's it."

Tara caught off guard: "Oh, um, thanks?"

Stranger laughs and declares: "We live on the same street."

Tara a bit suspicious: "We do? Which street is that?"

Stranger acting a bit cocky but still smiling and walking in time with Tara. "On ---."

Tara impressed but still cautious: "Then I guess we do, howdy neighbor."

Stranger holds out hand and says, "Hi my name is Otto."

Tara spots that the light is flashing do not walk and that she has to cross the street despite Otto leading her straight and cutting off her path. "I'm Tara, sorry gotta catch that light, have a good one."

Otto calls out: "You too." I assume he keeps walking, since I didn't look back. End scene.

The encounter reminded me of the Sesame Street song that my cousin Selena used to play in the car when she was younger, "These are the people in your neighborhood, the people that you meet each day."

Generally I do pass some of the same people on my route to the subway, like the french guy that always has his daughter on his shoulders or his back, a guy who looks like Cedric the Entertainer and a large American Indian homeless man who my mom swears is the actor from One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest who may have fallen on hard times. She keeps saying she's going to go ask him and I wonder how that conversation will play out and what his crew of street sleepers would say. I looked it up though and the actor, Will Sampson, passed away in 87, but the homeless guy does resemble him in sheer size.

Also a movie called I Think I Love My Wife with Chris Rock was filming on my (and Otto's) street yesterday, but I only saw the production aftermath.

Just read: Match Me If You Can

Currently reading: Why Do Men Have Nipples?

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Updated: Sunday, June 4, 2006 5:48 PM PDT

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