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When Tara Met Blog
Monday, July 31, 2006
The Long Way Home

I spent a lovely weekend on Block Island (home of the BI sticker) with my mother and friends. It was a great trip except for when it came time to leave, which is always difficult to begin with, but add in a broken ferry motor, Amtrak and a few other bumps, then it can be down right miserable.

The plan seemed simple, I'd take the 4:10 high speed ferry to New London, CT and wait at the station for a half hour until the 6:18 train to Penn Station and arrive home around 9:30. Easy enough. However, the ferry hit a lobster pot and was running on one engine making it  the slowest high speed ferry that I've ever been on. They still promised all the  riders on board who were taking the connecting train that we'd be there by 6:05 giving us a 10 minute window that would be just enough for us to catch it. The doors opened at 6:18 though just in time for all of us to watch the train leave.  I was like, ok I'll read my book and get the next train at 8:16 train. I should have wiped the fairy dust out of my eyes, because that wasn't happening either. All the trains to New York that day were sold out.

Everyone then waited in a long line to at least take the 8:16 train to New Haven so then we could switch to Metro North (always more reliable) and arrive at Grand Central. OK I'll do that then. Again, I was thinking to optimistically. Literally the person in front of me at the ticket window got the last seat to New Haven. Now stranded in New London, I started talking with two others about getting a taxi to New Haven ($98) to then catch a local 9:16 train on Metro North ($19).

Here comes the eerie Identity part. The girl who was calling the taxi and who I was planning to ride with then introduces herself and goes "Hi, my name is Tara by the way." I go um, so is mine. Then just a few feet away from us we hear another woman introduce herself to another stranded passenger and go "my name is Tara." We shouted over, "three Tara's???" How is that possible? It's hardly that common of a name. I could hear in my mind The Twilight Zone announcer speaking in that monologue part saying "a group of passengers, stranded, all trying to get back to New York only to discover they had more in common then they thought, do do do (Twilight Zone theme)." Sorry, I was tired and hungry remember and at the verge of laughing or crying, but I just couldn't figure out which so instead I daydreamed and pictured I was in a black and white episode.

So Tara, Sam (that's was the guys name) and I waited for another 20 minutes before a car arrived. We were making good time though but not enough to make the 7:57 express :( Along the way I discovered that Sam and I went to the same high school, but 10 years apart and that Ralph our driver liked braking at the last possible second.

So anyway to make an already long journey short, I had Subway at the New Haven station, chatted with my new found friends until the non air-conditioned train came and brought us into the City at 10:59. At that point I figured, why not just continue to blow my money and I hailed a cab to my apt, which ironically was playing "Took the long way home" on the car radio. I started laughing til a tear dropped.

Video: Check out this New England white rap it's too funny, Tea Partay Yo

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Updated: Wednesday, August 2, 2006 12:32 PM PDT
Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Guest Blogger

Today we have a special guest blog post from Aliza Sherman-Risdahl, author of  The Everything Blogging Bookwhich comes out July 31 and features When Tara Met Blog. Yup, I’m in the book! Anyway, back to Aliza, she is a Web pioneer, online marketing expert, published author, blogger and was named by Newsweek as one of the "Top 50 People Who Matter Most on the Internet." She has spoken around the world about the Internet, entrepreneurship, and women's empowerment. Go her!


So I had asked Aliza to share some of her memories of living in the City when she was just starting her career out. In an honest slice of life recap she graciously writes about some of her best and worst memories from that time and the relationships along the way....


"I moved to New York City from North Carolina in 1987 with a shiny new job in the music business (a major international booking agency), an innocent mind, and tender lungs that seized up the minute I walked outside and inhaled the concentrated exhaust fumes of city living. I had a hacking cough my first six months in Manhattan, and then I got used to it. Like the way you quickly adapt to walking in the city – resisting the natural urge to look up in awe at the skyscrapers and instead, looking ahead with determination and intent, and with your purse locked under your arm.


My first years in the City were full of parties, nightclubs and drinking copious amounts of alcohol where most nights blurred into days and days into nights, and I retained only slide-show memories of what had transpired in any given timeframe. Being in the music business meant being on the VIP guest list wherever I went, and to stretch already tight budgets, my girlfriends and I would hit the clubs early during happy hour when the open bar was flowing, since two-fisted drinking was our way of making the most of the perk. Other perks included rubbing elbows with rock star wannabes and rock stars of the time, from Kip Winger to Sebastian Bach to the guys from Def Leppard and Metallica and getting to watch concerts from the stage.


One of my worst memories came after a dubiously successful two-fister evening where all I could remember was the cool white tile of the club bathroom floor, a bouncer carrying me to a cab, a friend helping me up the stairs to my apartment, and waking up still wearing my red mini skirt and crumpled top. Luckily, someone had been kind enough to remove my puke-splattered black cowboy boots and place them standing up beside my bed. And like every other hungover morning, I'd step out into the cruel, glaring sunlight to the shock of a million people streaming by my door and a million cars honking their horns. I'd press my sunglasses a little closer to my face and crawl down into the subway station for relief.


One of my best memories was coming home just a little tipsy one night, the hot streets steaming from a summer rain, streetlights bouncing off of puddles and the only sound the hiss of an occasional cab. The neighborhood was quiet every night after the throngs of shoppers and commuters went home and the stores all closed. As I found the keyhole in the downstairs door to enter the small brownstone building, I heard a CLOP, CLOP sound and turned to look down Seventh Avenue toward 34th Street. Horses, maybe? And there, right before my eyes, walking through the mist, were elephants. Elephants! They were walking at a slow clip, trunk to tail, heading west toward Madison Square Gardens. I held my breath and watched them disappear down the street


For me, love in the city was fleeting, often a series of little flings that never quite progressed to full-fledged relationships, until the day I was pursued by a waiter…" (click here to continue reading more about Aliza’s dating ups and downs in the city—it’s worth it!)

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Updated: Tuesday, August 8, 2006 2:32 PM PDT
Tuesday, July 25, 2006
When will I learn

not to open the yogurt seal when it's facing me? I swear my nice blouses have been sprayed with "yogurt farts" for years, but every time I'm still somehow suprised and then annoyed with myself when it happens.

Today, I thought ahaed and opened it away from me (smart) but then realized too late that my awesome leather Kooba purse was underneath my hand (stupid).

It's funny how you can be having a good confidence day, feeling good in your outfit and then bam a little yogurt spray and there went that feeling. It's like when I have a powdered donut and am wearing black and go from looking NY chic to looking like a NY coke addict within one bite causing white powder to fall all over me.

Link: Light 'n Fit Carb Control with Fiber

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Updated: Tuesday, July 25, 2006 8:35 AM PDT
Sunday, July 23, 2006
On the way to the wedding

One of my freshmen year roommates, Marissa, was married last Saturday up in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. I was gratiously invited despite not having seen her since graduation. My friend Karen went as my date (yeah yeah save the loser comments) and we figured since we’d be passing the Clinton Crossing Outlets and since the ceremony wan’t until 5:30 we would have plenty of time for a quick spree and then off to the wedding. Yet, we didn’t want to wear our dresses out while shopping, so we hung them in the back of the car and figured we’d change at a rest stop along the way. We had to settle for the Exxon gas station’s bathroom just off the exit. We went into the bathroom in shorts and tees and came out in formal attire causing a raised eyebrow from the clerk. Seems simple enough, but it took some balancing on flip flops in order to not touch the dirty floor and holding our breath due to the smell. We then did our makeup in the car and were off again.


We arrived at 5:29. Since we were just cutting in under the wire we had to sit on the groom’s side since those were the only seats available without being right up in front. Luckily our late appearance didn’t interfere with anything since there were a few other straglers wandering in and the wedding party was running a bit late to boot.


The wedding was very lovely and the only ceremony that had me laughing during it but in a good way. The vows started off normal, they were repeating the justice of the peaces’ lead, in sickness and health, love and cherish, etc. Then Marissa vowed to not to gloat when the Yankees beat the Red Sox and to not pester about his amps and guitars filling up their home and that she’ll allow the Xbox360 to be the other woman in his life. The groom then went through his vows and added that he promised not to gloat when the Red Sox beat the Yankees (as if!) to let Mia (their cat) be the only woman to sleep between them and to eat whatever she cooks despite the taste and...shoot their was another funny one. Anyway, it made their marriage more light hearted and less stern like some ceremonies can be and it just seemed more of a joining of friends and lovers than this big HUGE thing that is the M Word. She also didn’t throw her bouquet or garter and force her single friends out onto the dance floor for those rituals, phew.  


Their invitations had embossed clam shells on them and that theme was then carried out to their placement cards and wedding cake. Here’s a shot of the cake and one of me and the bride:


Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Congratulations again Marissa and John a.k.a. Mr. & Mrs. Simmas

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Updated: Tuesday, July 25, 2006 8:18 AM PDT
Friday, July 21, 2006
Bloggers Who Brunch
Yesterday afternoon, with my office's approval, I headed to the Lower East Side's The Counter for the launch event of  Bloggers Who Brunch, a new organization created to celebrate and elevate the best female lifestyle and fashion bloggers.  About 15 female bloggers were in attendance and two blogging dudes too. The new group is the brain child of Pamela Pekerman of and Lesley Scott of FashionTribes and sponsored by GLAM Media, Bacardi and Bust Magazine.

So what did we do? Networked, exchanged cute blogging cards and heard the wisdom of Constance White the Ebay Style Director; Samir Arora, GLAM Media CEO and Meghan Cleary of As well as listened to the energetic speeches of Kathryn Finney, (she has a book out) and Najwa Moses, founder of (her video podcasts are funny, she recently interviewed Jerry Springer and Beyonce's dog) on how they created their sites and established themselves.

I was very flattered to discover that a lot of the bloggers that I met actually knew of When Tara Met Blog. Here are some of their sites, do check them out:
Cupcakes Take the Cake
I'm Not Obsessed! Celebrity Denial
Sense of Soot
Culture Kitchen
Celebrity Baby Blog
Open All Night

The Quest for It
Clothes Pin
The Beauty Newsletter
Second City Style Magazine

My faux pas' during the event:  I never claimed to be any good at holding a martini glass, despite the background image on my blog. So yeah, I let the watermelon mixture from Bacardi slosh over the rim of my glass while I was talking (I'm Italian, we use our hands) and splashed the feet of Pamela at BagTrends and her mother. Classy! My white heels were open toe so things got a little sticky. Next blunder, I told Najwa that I'll have to read her book, when I meant to say watch her podcast. This was towards the end of the brunch and I just met like 20 other people, but I still felt stupid especially after she corrected me. What a ninny. Also, not sure if it could really be called a brunch, it's not like we sat down and ate, but there were appetizers but all vegetable and tofu ones and being the unhealthy person that I am I don't eat veggies so I left the event around 2ish and had to return to work starving and then dive into three back to back meetings.

News: Bloggers Hungry For Online News

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