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Wednesday, January 4, 2006
The Cab Driver Plays Puccini
When I'm riding in a taxi, the majority of the time the drivers are talking on their cell phones, using earphones of course since it's the law, but sometimes it's the whole duration of the cab ride even. I know that they are aren't actually talking to me, since having fallen for that before, but I just can't help but wonder who is talking to them for so long at all hours of the day. Do they have a wife just sitting at home providing them with phone company? Are they talking to other cabdrivers? Usually it's not in English so it's hard for me to figure out the relationship. I know during the work week it's hard enough finding someone I can call on my lunch hour who is available to chat with, so I'm really curious how they find someone after midnight, in the afternoons and during the morning commute to speak with. Don't these people have jobs that require communication outside their cells? Yes, I'm giving this way too much thought.

When my cabbies are not on their mobiles, I do like asking them questions, it's the reporter in me I guess. I like hearing where they are from, what long shifts they work, their commute, if they own or rent their cab, about their children, spouse etc. I'll start by a comment on the weather like: 'do you believe all this rain? I'm getting ready to build an arc.' Then they ask me about where I'm going or about where they just picked me up from, then the conversation segways into what I do for a living, schooling background, their living in Queens and their children who they want to see do well in regards to education and job wise.

Before the holidays, the day after the strike I hailed a cab and asked to be taken to Grand Central Station. The cab driver, Mohamed, then asked me if I was "Going to Connecticut?" I laughed and said "yes, why do I look like I'm going to Connecticut?" He said "yup" and that was that. haha. When he found out that I was Italian, not sure how that came about though I do remember that he is married to a Philippine woman who he says is beautiful like Italian women and then he put in his own mixed CD of Puccini, then we both hummed along to La Boheme. It was pretty funny.

News Update: Questions are still surrounding the maple syrup smell that has swept Manhattan twice now. Trying to Make Some Sense of That Syrupy Scent. My old blog post about smelling the sweet scent can be found at: Attack of the maple syrup.

Link: Top 10 Free Time Wasting Sites on the Net

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Updated: Thursday, January 12, 2006 11:26 AM PST
Tuesday, January 3, 2006
Happy New Year
Just got back from Vermont and am very bruised. I luckily didn't fall skiing but I sort of twisted my leg, got whacked by a child's pole and incurred several bruises while sledding at night. Below is a photo of the place we rented--although it doesn't do it justice and is missing the snow--the place sleeps 10 yet we managed 14.

News: 100 things we didn't know this time last year, which I found thanks to A View From England. Who knew Nicole Kidman is afraid of butterflies and that one in 18 people have a third nipple? Very glad I'm not one in that statistic, I had only heard of Chandler on Friends to have one, oh wait and a guy friend from college.

PS: My former coworker and I have a snapshot in MediaBistro's Party Photos: PR in New York at the bar Libation. You have to scroll down a bit, it has my name in the caption.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Looking back on 2005
It's been a good year, no major deaths for a change, had some fun dates and good times out with my friends, completed my master's degree, found a new job. vg indeed.

BUT...did I complete my resolutions from last year? Let's see:

* Will let my crush know how I feel --Nope, didn't do that, but the point is moot now and there were several other crushes along the way ;)

* Find at least one vegetable that I could possibly like besides potatoes and corn, since my friends say those are hardly vegetables to begin with and that I need to explore greens. --Yup, did it! I like string beans with lots of butter to dilute the taste

* Sign up for yoga classes again and actually exercise; after all, my daily walk to the subway is not a "real" workout no matter what I have said in the past. --Joined Crunch gym and go at least two times a week, so that's another check

* Stop answering you know who's calls and being his bitch. --Done, see ya

* Go to Magnolia less frequently and to Thai restaurants more often. --I think I did that, well at least the Thai part.

* See more Broadway plays/musicals. Yes, I saw eight shows! Check out the side column pull down bar for the reviews

* Write an ending to the book I've been writing for 5 years so I can move on to the hundreds of other stories that are in my head. Nope, too chicken and no time. Hopefully now that I'm done with my extra studies I can.

* Actually do the reading for my graduate courses instead of just skimming. --Does it matter, I'm done!

* Do my homework assignments *before* watching my recent NetFlix rental. --Yes, my NetFlix watching declined immensely, however, it was replaced with DVR watching

* Make myself feel uncomfortable and do what comes to my mind when going out with friends, since those are the times when I end up having the most fun. --It's my motto, it might have gotten me in trouble a few times but no regrets.

* Finish Mary Tyler Moore Season 1 DVD--I've only owned it for 2 years now. --And you'd think this would have been the easiest one. I got through 3 dics though, and there's still time left. Maybe on the plane to NC when I go visit my aunt.

* Try Pink Champagne -- I've been wanting to since seeing "Affair to Remember" and "Love Affair," before I could even drink alcohol legally. --I'll buy some to toast in the New Year and will report back on the taste.

* Next New Year's Eve will do the midnight 4 mile run in Central Park and drag my friends too. There's fireworks. --Hmm I managed to gain the interest of only one friend, so I failed there. I'm going skiing in Vermont instead.

Overall: Blog more, drink more, laugh more! --Check, Check, Check!

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Thursday, December 22, 2005
Strike is over!
Transit Workers to Return . Phew!

And so this is Christmas
And what have we done
Another year over
A new one just begun
And so happy Christmas
We hope you have fun
The near and the dear one
The old and the young

A very Merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Let's hope it's a good one
Without any fear
Strike is over,
TWU is going back now,
Strike is over!

Now I won't have to worry about walking to Grand Central Station with all my bags in order to head to my mother's home for the holidays.

Update: Most of the trains and busses were back in service by Friday morning.

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Updated: Thursday, December 29, 2005 8:00 AM PST
Wednesday, December 21, 2005
A tree grows on Wall Street

I now pass this pretty tree on my way to work. I think it looks even better than the Rockefeller one. This one is fuller, has large lights instead of the little ones and has xmas balls hanging. Plus look at the pillars of the stock exchange all decked out in a flag of lights.

Famous Last Words
Last week I compared the impending MTA Subway Strike to Y2K, thinking it was causing a lot of buzz and fear for nothing. I guess I should eat crow now, right?

So yeah, the strike has indeed happened and I'm working from my apartment today. My laptop is setup to the server and I'm using conference bridges to talk with my coworkers and our clients. Tomorrow I'll just have to leave earlier and head to New Jersey's PATH train, which will bring me to the World Trade Center stop. Hopefully it won't be as cold as it is today.

News: Last stop! 'Shut everything down,' says TWU chief as bus, subway workers walk

Strike Day 2: I made it to work today despite the strike. I just had to leave earlier and walk to the PATH train, which brought me to the World Trade Center but first stopped in New Jersey. So yes, I had to go to Jersey first in order to go back to downtown Manhattan. Crazy, but it wasn't too bad, just very crowded and out of the way. On the way back it was chaos as lots of people tried to board the little train. I had to wait until the third train went by to just get to the front of the platform. As I was standing there we all stared across the tracks to the empty NJ only bound trains and their empty seats and platform. One woman muttered, "This is the first time I've ever been jealous of Jersey." Poor Jersey it was the butt of other comments while on the train as we stopped at their Newport station one wise guy said, "Close you're eyes, we're in New Jersey." Yet, some people were getting off there so he was lucky he didn't get takin out Sopranos style, lol.

Strike Day 3: Took a cab with three people heading downtown to the financial district. Still cost $10 each, which would be what it would normally cost but when split by three people it would be a lot cheaper yet since the meters aren't running it's a basic fare of $10 for going through one zone. Whatever, I was warm and didn't have to be herded like cattle onto the PATH. Tonight K and I are walking back, since she works near me and we're headed to a big screen showing of It's A Wonderful Life. Yay!

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