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Monday, June 13, 2005
Should I blog, or should I go?
Lately, more and more people that I know are reading my blog and I'm finding I have to censor myself a bit. I don't mean cursing, fuck that! ;) I mean I have to obviously watch who I talk about, not that I went around bad mouthing anyone before, but still I feel more confined now. It's not so much my friends, but the little acquaintances that know me and crushes.

What I never understood in Sex and the City was that none of Carrie's boyfriends or friends seemed to have read her column. Wouldn't you read your friends or girlfriends column? Just to see what they were saying about you or to get some advice? Why weren't some of her exes angry with her for sharing so much about their relationship?

Anyway on that note, the date the other day with Subway Guy went very well, despite my friends fears that I would get kidnapped, yada yada yada. It was an 8 hour date (mid afternoon to night) lots of walking around the city, 14th Street to Battery Park to the East Village. It was really nice being outside so much. I got blisters on my feet though, but it was a pretty great first date!

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Updated: Saturday, June 18, 2005 10:10 AM PDT
Sunday, June 12, 2005
My obsession
I'm so excited, I just can't hide it! Because two more great shows just came out on DVD and I definitely like it!

I swear I'm addicted to buying TV shows on DVD. Take a look at the list of the other shows that I own already:
West Wing (seasons 1-4)
Friends (seasons 1-8)
Alias (seasons 1-3)
Just Shoot Me (seasons 1&2)
Mary Tyler Moore (season 1)
Who's The Boss (season 1)
Taxi (seasons 1&2)
Mad About You (season 1)
Night Court (seasons 1&2)
Murphy Brown (season 2)
Sex and The City (seasons 1,2,3)
Designing Women (best of eps)
Golden Girls (season 1)
Family Guy (season 1&2)
Fraiser (season 1,2,3)

I do not want to think of how much that collection has cost me over the years or how many paychecks it equals. I just know that most of the box sets cost around $45 each. grr, damn my obssession! The sadder thing is that most have never even been opened, since I've seen all the episodes already.

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Updated: Saturday, June 18, 2005 10:09 AM PDT
Friday, June 10, 2005
The C Word
Like most women, I'm not a fan of the C word. I think we are programed to cringe when hearing it. Yet, women do use it when referring to other women. Is this liberating? I don't know, I just can't do it myself. Not that I don't curse like a sailor, but I still cannot bring myself to use that word in an argument.

I have a girlfriend that randomly uses the word 'twat' in conversation and it makes my eyes go wide, but it also makes me laugh. I guess it's all in how it's used.

I digress. Yesterday, I was walking with a friend on Bleeker Street in the West Village, not too far away from my apartment and this woman walking a little yappy dog rams right into me like she's a lineman from the Packers. My friend gasped and she wasn't even hit. Yet, this Paris Hilton wannabe looked at me like I was the rudest person for being in her way and walking in a straight line. She then calls me the C word in a British accent, which I think was fake. Despite having lived in London for 6 months, I didn't understand her.

I had thought she called me someone's name, like she thought she knew me or something. Not that anyone is really named Colt. So here I am thinking, or she has mistaken me from somebody named Colt and walked into me in confusion. In all sincerity, I respond "Did you say my name?" My friend gasps again and the woman huffs away, her dog squirming in front of her.

My friend who is now laughing goes, "Good come back!" Still clueless, I say "what?" My friend repeats that it was a good response to her calling me the C word. A sea of red filled my eyes and I freak out going, that *bleep* called ME a C---? I almost ran after her.

I calmed down a bit with some Tasty Delight (only 10 calories and it actually tastes good) but the nerve of her! Ramming into me and then calling a stranger that. Some people!

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Updated: Saturday, June 11, 2005 12:44 PM PDT
Free Katie
Don't turn away. Your indifference makes you part of the problem. Talk to your children, join in community support groups and please show your support by wearing your Free Katie™ Gear!


New York Magazine: Minority Report: A defense of Tom Cruise in his time of troubles.

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Updated: Sunday, June 12, 2005 11:09 AM PDT
Wednesday, June 8, 2005
I'm Guest Blogging!
At, the article is about the lack of male teachers in lower education and how women are more willing to settle for lower wages. To read the full post and to comment, go to: Show Them the Money !

The expression, "It's a man's world," can not be said for the teaching field, now that the number of male teachers is at a 40-year low.

National Education Association (NEA) research shows just 21 percent of the nations 3 million teachers are men.

NEA and, write that the discrepancy stopping men from entering the profession is lower wages, poor insurance, societal pressure for men to be good providers, low social status, skepticism from the public, fear of being sued and acceptance from friends and family. (read more)

PS: I have a date coming up with the guy I met on the subway late Saturday. I know, I know, sounds sketch, lol.

Posted by Tara at 9:01 PM PDT
Updated: Friday, June 10, 2005 10:54 AM PDT

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