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Friday, May 27, 2005
It's Ladies Night
Tonight is my friend Divina's bachelorette party!! I helped plan it, along with a sorority friend of her's from UCONN.

We're hitting the bars in SoNo (South Norwalk, CT) in one of my uncle's limousines (Settembre's Limo).

Of course we'll be giving her gag gifts and making her wear a tiara and silly t-shirt that she'll have to get signed by random guys, haha, I can't wait. Before we head out for the night we are having a stripper come to her apartment and pretend to be a police officer and request that she keep things down, this was her one request, she insisted he be a cop so she can experience the cliche herself. After lots of private "interviews," just kidding, we picked Ian.

UPDATE: two real cops stopped by her apartment but then happily cuffed the bachelorette and posed for photos, was thrown towards the ceiling by the stripper and then plopped upon his shoulders (he was more like an acrobat than a stripper), danced on a bar for the first time and had a blast!!

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hope it was memorable

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