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Saturday, February 12, 2005
Peer Pressure
It was weird enough going back to school for my master's degree and being with students of all ages with different careers and various undergrad degrees, but I didn't think there would still be fads or that I'd fall victim to peer pressure.

Generally everyone seems to like being different except for when it comes to what they drink. Besides the Starbucks cartons scattered on our large tables, most of the people in my 6 hour classes buy VitaminWater during our breaks. There would be a bottle next to each notebook when I got back. I felt I wasn't part of a clique or something, lol.

I managed to hold off trying the expensive flavored water during my Fall semester, mainly because I'm cheap and I don't drink too much (been dehydrated twice as a result). I was also put off by the vast selection of colored waters. Each go by funky names like Focus, Revive and Balance. What if I purchased the wrong one? And ended up with one that I didn't like and had a full bottle on my desk mocking me while I did my work. I mean, do I try the green, pink, red, blue or yellow one?

So finally outside of class, when I was grocery shopping after work I bought 3 bottles for $9.99 (yikes!) After much deliberation I chose Green Tea (Rescue), Lemon Tea (Vital-t) and Raspberry Apple (Defense). I liked them all, although the green tea a little less than the others. They are not sugary like Gatorade and not as blah as water. Also each bottle lasted me two days, again I can't consume too much liquids for some reason. However, I felt healthy drinking the vitamin water and I rarely do anything healthy.

A funny feature is that each bottle has an amusing paragraph on the label giving some little anecdote. One wrote about Golden Girls being Sex and the City 20 years later, which was a nice brief distraction from my other readings. So now I found another way to spend money like it was water ;)

Conclusion: Be a sheep like I was and try it :)

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Updated: Sunday, February 13, 2005 7:35 AM PST
Wednesday, February 9, 2005
Finders Keepers
Usually in the city It's not amazing the things that people throw away but what people actually owned in the first place.

My windows look over a shared courtyard, where the building's garbage bins are located. Over the last few months I've spotted a big ugly teddy bear, dirty cabinets, weird textbooks on massage techniques, New Kids On the Block cassettes, rusted weights and many other crappy things.

Today was different though, outside was a modern looking red sofa chair.

I happen to have a red chenille coach, so after inspecting the chair and finding it suitable, I lug the thing up to my apartment. There was a brief episode of it being wedged in my door, but I managed.

I forgot how small my place is, because this chair that once looked tiny outside is gigantic inside my room. I gave it a quick scrub before putting it in the corner near my bookshelf. Yes, that's my thighmaster peeking out from underneath. The pillow I already had on my coach, it's hiding a tear in the fabric of the chair.

Do you think it looks ok? Too crowded? Is it weird that I don't know who owned the chair before?

PS: today DSW was giving away umbrellas with purchase, and I just so happened to have bought these cute Steve Madden pink pumps on my way home, thus I now have a mini DSW umbrella. It's supposed to rain tomorrow too. The shoes looked like these but in pale pink colors.

News: Cost of Necessities Rises in New York Oh great! Like I needed an article to tell me this.

etc: here are some more photos of my little studio.

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Updated: Saturday, February 12, 2005 4:08 PM PST
Monday, February 7, 2005
Tara on the Dark Continent
Being the name obsessed person that I am, last year I typed my first name in eBay's search bar and found out that there was a 70s comic book heroine named Tara. She was part of "Femforce" from Paragon Comics who was in charge of protecting mother earth. So, I bid on the comic and win,because I thought it would be cool to frame it and hang in my apartment.
back cover
So I get the comic book and turns out that Superhero Tara, might as well be a porn star, all she wears is pasties and panties, lol. I'm still gonna hang the cover up on my wall, but definately not the back cover. I'm having problems though finding a frame that fits, since it's a different size than the comics that are out now and the comic book store on 14th Street closes before 5 each day. What's a superheroine to do?

Article: I come from Planet Tiffany

Be a real hero and help the children:
Barefoot Principessa is having a raffle that supports the March Of Dimes, even a dollar helps. I just gave $5.

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Updated: Wednesday, February 9, 2005 8:38 PM PST
Million Dollar Baby
I finally saw Million Dollar Baby.

The film was very powerful and filmed in Clint Eastwood's traditional dark, majestic, shadow style. Not only did Clint star in the film and direct and produce it, he also wrote most of the musical score.

Hillary Swank was amazing, she managed to be tough and innocent at the same time, and like most of her films this was another heartbreaker. Definitely bring the tissues. However, I was really impressed that even though the film is very sad, it didn't go the extra mile to shove the sadness in the audience's face like some Oscar hopefuls try to do, and most of the story was very happy and inspirational.

With his deep smooth voice, Morgan Freeman provides some of the narration, reminiscent of his work in Shawshank Redemption. I enjoy it so much that I could seriously just hear his voice in lieu of actually seeing a movie.

Overall it was a great picture and deserves the Oscar nominations it has received, but honestly with these three great actors working together how could this film have been bad? I usually don't like when the same actors and actresses continually receive Academy Awards but I think Swank should win another Best Actress award for her portrayal.

The best thing about this movie is that it hits you more later. It has been a few days and I keep thinking about it.

Here is a review I wrote for another Best Picture nominee, The Aviator .

Super Bowl Commercials 2005
Did you miss the Super Bowl commercials? You can watch all of them at IFILM with no downloading and it plays one after another. Check out the Ameriquest cat killer ad and the Diet Pepsi Ladies Man one with Carter from Queer Eye. I also liked the Burt Reynolds one.

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Updated: Sunday, February 27, 2005 10:21 AM PST
Thursday, February 3, 2005
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
I saw Broadway's new musical Dirty Rotten Scoundrels last night. The film turned musical is currently still in previews and stars John Lithgow.

I liked the original late 80s film with Michael Caine and Steve Martin, so I was skeptical seeing it with new actors and as a musical, however I was pleasantly surprised. The whole show was really fun and filled with an exciting and electric spirit that captured me and the audience.

The Academy Award nominee and Emmy-winning, John Lithgow, was of course great as Lawrence Jameson, the classy seasoned con man/gigolo played by Michael Caine in the movie. Lithgow sang his numbers wonderfully and played the comedic character with ease in a seemingly effortless way. In the Steve Martin role as the unpolished cheat is stage actor Norbert Leo Butz, formerly of Wicked.

There were lots of added jokes relevant to recent public figures and pop-culture events that had everyone laughing. The show also included the audience in on their jokes by stepping out onto the balcony, having a staged usher sing or looking out at the filled seats and commenting: "Someone might need me in the second act."

The songs were fun without a corny dramatic feel. There is actually a love song called "Love is my Legs" that makes fun of love songs in general and big Broadway love ballots, which was a riot.

The sets were lively with an island vacation feel to them and would constantly spin into a new set, even as the characters were walking on it. How the stars never tripped or got dizzy is beyond me. The costumes though were my favorite. The dancers would come out in these really pretty gowns or tango clothes, plus the general wardrobe fit perfectly with the setting.

The new script also added in a diverting and cute side romance between two secondary characters that wasn't in the original film. These characters are played by the amusing Joanna Gleason and Gregory Jbara.

Sorry I keep mentioning the word fun, but that is what the show is, fun. The musical officially opens March 3 and will sure to be the next "The Producers."

PS: Another entertaining and silly musical that's out now is Wonderful Town with Brooke Sheilds, I wrote a brief reveiw of the show in November here

Posted by Tara at 7:21 AM PST
Updated: Thursday, February 3, 2005 5:53 PM PST

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