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Friday, April 14, 2006
Cat's Delicatessen
For the last three days, only two blocks from where I live, I've been passing several news vans with their antennas extended up in the air on Hudson Street, plus police cars and an animal control van and a crowd of people. I had no idea what is was all for or what they were looking at since they appeared to be just standing in front of a deli and a cigar lounge. I thought maybe a robbery took place but then was confused by animal control being there and the press still being there the next day. Being busy and a sad excuse for a reporter as of late, I kept missing the nightly news. Today on my way to work, day 3, when I saw the commotion still going on, I finally did some digging.

Turns out at Meyers of Kenswick, this little deli that specializes in selling British goods and where I buy the occasional Cadbury bar, apparently has a 11-month old cat named Molly stuck behind the wall in their basement. I have no idea how Molly got there, but she has been trapped for 13 days now. Apparently they can hear her meowing but can not get to her. One animal control worker brought in his 3-week-old kitten in a fruitless attempt to lure Molly from the wall. Poor Molly she must be scared due to all the commotion.

Besides news vans and the media, Molly has been attracting a wall of on lookers, which is why I couldn't see what they were all looking at to begin with. I had originally asked someone in the crowd but he had no idea either, yet he still looked on as if he did. The story has been picked up in the Chicago Tribune and in many papers outside of the New York too.

Trapped Cat Enters Day 13 of Captivity

From Faint Meows, a Frenzy Grows

Posted by Tara at 7:27 AM PDT

Friday, April 14, 2006 - 7:53 AM PDT

Name: Shae
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Ohhhh, Tara, I was in such a good mood! This is going to bother me all day! Poor thing. :(

Friday, April 14, 2006 - 4:34 PM PDT

Name: H. (aka. NC_State_gal)
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That is horrifying :(. I hope that they get to her soon. I'll have to keep track of it on-line.

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