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Monday, October 25, 2004
It really is a 'Wonderful Town'
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I just saw "Wonderful Town" on Broadway last night and it was really great! It's about two girls from Ohio who move to Greenwich Village in 1935. The music and dancing was a lot of fun and Shields was great in the goofy roll of the older sister Ruth.

Although the show is set in the 1930s, it reminded me of a Doris Day musical from the '50s, which makes sense since it's a revival from 1953 and featuring music by Leonard Bernstein. Overall, it was a good NYC tribute to old Broadway shows.

For more information check out the NY Times article raving about Shields' performance THEATER REVIEW; Brooke Shields as a Naif Who Can't Get a Date

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Updated: Tuesday, December 7, 2004 3:22 PM PST
Friday, October 22, 2004
From Baghdad
In my Media Ethics class we read an e-mail that Farnaz Fassihi of The Wall Street Journal sent to friends about her experience in Baghdad. It was really interesting seeing the things that aren't being reported on.
She's in a lot of hot water for expressing her opinions though perhaps unwittingly. But as Jay Rosen writes, "Fassihi's mistake, if you could call it that, was not doing a better job of getting those observations, intended only for friends and family, onto the pages of the Wall Street Journal."

Take a look at her e-mail at:

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Updated: Tuesday, November 23, 2004 8:26 AM PST
My first article published in New York
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Glendale Hit-And-Run Victim Is Still Looking For Answers

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Updated: Tuesday, November 23, 2004 8:27 AM PST
Wednesday, October 20, 2004
Fried Oreos anyone?

Have you ever had Fried Oreos? They are amazing! I had them three years ago on the Jersey Shore boardwalk and again at the San Genarro Festival in Little Italy. They are like Zeppolis with hot Oreos inside, and the cream layer is melted and yummy!! If you don't know what a Zeppoli is its basically fried dough, so they put Oreos in batter and then fry them.

Look for them at festivals and fairs but you can also make them, has the directions.

PS: I know it seems as if this blog is all about food, but do understand that I'm usually writing these posts on my lunch hour and food is on the brain.

Posted by Tara at 1:21 PM PDT
Updated: Tuesday, December 7, 2004 3:25 PM PST
Tuesday, October 19, 2004
McNuggets, Dust in the wind

I miss the dark mystery meat in the old McDonald's chicken nuggets. TV commmercials show people going "Yay McDonalds nuggets are all white meat now." Well boo! The dark greasy boot shaped nuggets were the best ones and I mourn their passing!
I don't care if they were unhealthy, didn't I already waive the right to eat something healthy when I entered the golden arches in the first place. As long as I did not think about where the meat came from I didn't care because it was yum. And today I had a craving for the old-fahsioned kind that I grew up on but got stuck with the circle un-juicy new nuggets for lunch. Oh well as long as they don't mess with the Big Mac.

Posted by Tara at 12:42 PM PDT
Updated: Tuesday, December 7, 2004 3:26 PM PST

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