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Wednesday, December 15, 2004
Just One Of those Days
I hate those days when you think you are looking pretty good, you have a new outfit on and you're smiling, feeling pretty confident. In my case, I'm sort of strutting out of the subway. Then you trip on the uneven pavement because you were too busy looking up at the sky and fall to the ground. Not one of the business commuters around me in Times Square even stopped to take notice of me and there went the good mood.

My knee is scraped and I scuffed my boots. At my main office's entrance on the 16th floor I quickly look at my reflection in the glass doors and I mentally think "That's what I look like? Shoot, I thought my hair was doing something better and I swear that shirt looked better in the dressing room, ah f*$# it."

The opposite days are of course better. You know, the days when you think you look like crap and everyone around you keeps saying how good you look or that your skirt is amazing, yada yada. LOL those days are rare but precious and so far it's not one of those days.

Continued...later that afternoon...

OK it is soo not one of those days! It got even better when I came back from grabbing some fries from the dollar menu at McDonalds (you gotta love the $ menu). When I returned to my desk to eat the yummy fries, I couldn't remove my white knee-length bubble coat. The zipper was snagged on the lining again and it would not budge. The snag was right below my neck so I couldn't really look at where it was caught or how to fix it. So I had to sort of crawl out of the massive thing and of course that is when the cute guy from work walks by and says "Good afternoon Tara." At least I assumed it was his voice from what I could hear from within my coat cave. I felt like an earthworm crawling out of that thing. lol

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