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Monday, December 13, 2004
Red Red Wine, You Make Me Feel So Fine
(According to the Journal of Substance Abuse)

*Wine drinkers are college educated and drink in moderation, usually with meals.

*Beer drinkers have limited educations. They usually drink at times other than meal time.

*Whiskey drinkers hang out at bars.

*Wine cooler drinkers are usually single and have limited educations

*Wine drinkers are at lower risk for developing tummy pooch, while hard-liquor drinkers have the highest risk.

Phew, I'm very glad my favorite drink is red wine. Cheers!

Hey Big Spenders
We all tip, well, at least I hope we all do. But do you know what TIP stands for?
I never knew and now that I do, I thought I'd share the fun tidbit with ya'll.
TIP = To Insure Promptness.
After paying the tip and NYC sales tax my money is gone, and it's another week before I can dine out again :-/ Although the $12 cocktails might have something to do with it too, since they usually cost more than my food. Damn pricey New York!

Rain Rain Go Away
It's been raining so much lately that I was afraid I'd have to start building an arc. It's funny though, living in New York City, I never have to check the weather forcast because the street vendors always seem to miraculously appear an hour before it rains, ready to sell umbrellas at exorbitant prices. When I see there umbrella racks out, I know I need to bring mine along too because sure enough it always rains then. It's like they have a special radar or something or ... they simply watch The Weather Channel unlike me.

NYT Article of the Day: Christian Conservatives Press Issues in Statehouses



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